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Fasting Seminar


Fasting and the Feast

Here at Urban Monastic we believe in the power of fasting and prayer not just as a great discipline for the body, the soul and the spirit but also as a direct link to those around us who are hurting, suffering and marginalised.

Fasting for social change is one of the ways we can identify with those among us that don't have all of their basic needs met whilst at the same time setting aside the finances we save from our abstention to provide for the feast for the poor.

Consider booking us for a Fasting Seminar in your church and learn about the power of fasting whilst at the same time helping us fund our projects for the poor. All proceeds from this portion of our ministry goes to our Social Service Projects.

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What is Fasting

Fasting and the Body

Fasting and the Soul

Fasting and the Spirit

Fasting for Social Change

The Wilderness

The Promised Land

The Feast of Heaven