School of Prayer and Worship


Here at Urban Monastic we have a high value for training. We are encouraged to constantly search out all of the manifold facets of God's nature and that inevitably leads us on the journey of learning.

We have set up a training facility which hosts activated training in prayer and worship. We are excited to offer you an opportunity to be built up in your faith in this exciting new school.

Check out below for an overview of the course content, download our prospectus below or contact us for more details.

Enrol for our course below or alternatively book us for a day at your church to teach and train 


School of Prayer

6 week course (one evening/week)


Week 1: - The Temple

Week 2: - The Royal Priesthood

Week 3: - Authority and Unity in Prayer

Week 4: - The many Faces of Prayer

Week 5: - Giants Fall Through Prayer

Week 6: - City Transformation Series

Lights in the Dark

School of Worship

6 week course (one evening/week)


Week 1: - Mosaic Worship

Week 2: - Worship in the Key of David

Week 3: - The Worshipping Saviour

Week 4: - Rebuilding the Tabernacle of David

Week 5: - The Harp and Bowl

Week 6: - The Moravian Lampstand