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Social Service

Caring for the community around us, especially the suffering, is central to the teachings of Jesus. Here at Urban Monastic everything that we offer ultimately flows in this direction. All the training we offer both teaches us towards the marginalised and funds our projects towards the marginalised.

We buy, prepare and deliver food every week for Emmanuel City Mission (Link below)

Consider joining our courses not just to be trained but also to help with our current and upcoming projects to both provide for the immediate needs of the poor and to raise their profile within the community, dignifying them with their proper status within our community as valuable members of society.

Consider donating below, check out our training material or book us for a course with your church, home group, community to help fund the projects for the homeless.

We offer you our most sincere thanks and gratitude

Urban Monastic

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Health is wholistic; meaning a healthy life consists of a full spirit, flowing into a healthy soul, a healthy body, as well as healthy relationships. To that end we host a number of independently trained counsellors in our centre which we offer to you should you desire to seek out healthy avenues for process. We believe in the power of trained counsel as a means for transformation along your journey.

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